BiCXO being an Assisted Business Intelligence Solution; is your in-house MIS function.

It is a completely automated business intelligence solution, by which you can track your
finances, operational metrics, data visualization and do lots more at a click of a button.

There are no restrictions on the number of reports or the number of users and all the
reports are customised to needs of the organization. There is no upfront investment;
everything is covered in a monthly fixed fee.


No. BICXO is not a tool but a complete solution where our statistical data analyst and technical consultants collaborate to deliver a custom design of dashboards based on your business.There are multiple dashboarding business software solution available as Self-service tools in the market which help you make very good charts and analysis but unfortunately these tools need technology and functional experts to design and implement a complete and powerful reporting and statistical data analysis solution.Many a times companies lack the necessary skills in-house, to realize the full benefit of a robust Bi solution and are thus frustrated despite spending good amount of investment in the Bi technology.

With BiCXO, you can have your info, analysis and decisions segregated by individual Sales, Procurement, Finance, CRM, Services, Project management and further sorted by Divisions, Departments and Geographies.

The scope is unlimited and fully customised to the needs of the business and the key drivers. The only thing you need to do - ensure discipline in data recording and maintenance.

BiCXO empowers CXOs to stay on top of their numbers and metrics, by helping them define and track their KPIs real-time, gain access to all information and analysis on click of a button, thus enabling them take faster informed decisions as well as remove people dependencies.

This significantly improves productivity besides saving crucial bandwidth.

When used organisation wide, BiCXO brings the employees and management under one transparent platform while driving accountability.

Define KPIs

Define KPIs

Define KPIs that are important to the Company assisted by our functional experts

Define KPIs

Track realtime

Our seamless connectivity to your multiple sources of data helps you track the most important metrics on a daily basis

Define KPIs

Save promoter bandwidth

Spend more time of you and your team in data analysis than data preparation. Accessing in one place also allows you the benefit of coordinated data insights

Define KPIs

Remove people dependencies

Through our end-to-end automations, no ne of your reports will need to be dependent on your staff member. Automation automatically brings in accuracy of report preparation.

Define KPIs

Bring transparency

With one source of truth across the organisation, the results are transparent to all stakeholders within the organisation. Creates an atmosphere of trust by avoiding conflicts about data accuracies.

Define KPIs

Enable faster decisions

With deep insights and real time information, you have all you need to push your short-term and long-term goals of your organisation

Define KPIs

Track Employee Performance

Use our “unlimited users” offer to set and track KPIs for all the key employees of your organisation. Use this to define rewards and recognition to deserving performers

Our implementation of the solution takes approximately a months’ time, in which our functional experts performs analysis of metrics, key gaps in the data & design the custom dashboards whilst our technology experts pick-up these designs, integrate our solution with your systems & deploy across the organization.

This process is just not one time but a continuous one supporting the dynamic nature of the business.


Delivery Process

Business Analysis

  • Understand business model and business drivers
  • Mapping of source system for different data points
  • Team structures for various reports cosumptions

Design Reporting KPI's

  • Define key KPI's for different reports and MIS
  • Customize dashboards for various business functions
  • Identify gaps in various data and process

System Integration

  • Define data sources for integration
  • Provide various formats to be integrated
  • In cadse of tally customize plugin for data extraction
  • Share requirements of data in case of third party systems

Deployment and Automation

  • Automated data extraction process in case of tally
  • Process data centrally from all data sources
  • Automate intermediary reports
  • Publish dashboards
  • Send key business alerts from system

Ongoing Support

  • Monitor data processing
  • Continued support for new requirements
  • Release enhancements