BiCXO is a solution born for SMEs & startups to improve their performance manifold. BiCXO is an Assisted Bi solution, which is a complete package comprising design, development, integration, deployment & continuous support. Business Intelligence tool improves revenues, reduces costs, improves operational efficiencies, improves customer satisfaction, and many such benefits. Business Intelligence adoption is increasing, […]

Challenge Tracking leads and converting them is probably one of the most essential need for any Company today. Unfortunately, most Companies are unable to get a hold on this crucial information to speed up their Sales   BiCXO Solution BiCXO creates an automated sales funnel which not only gives the various stages of leads but […]

Challenge Companies have multiple KPIs cutting across departments which are key to assess and maintain organisation health. The challenge is to continuously measure and access them   BiCXO Solution BiCXO allows the organisation to define their KPI and with customised algorithms, relevant data is extracted from source systems to reflect the KPI vis-à-vis the target […]

Challenge All Customers are not the same and Organisations lack the ability to differentiate customers based on the value of customers to the organisation   BiCXO Solution An automated 360 degree customer rating based on key parameters like collection time, repeat orders, order value is performed by BiCXO with customer relative ranking used for bucketing […]

Challenge Challenge to track status of receivables, remind customers and ensure timely collections   BiCXOSolution BiCXO has in-built collaboration tools where different stakeholders can update status of collections with expected timelines thus avoiding manual excel status updates. BiCXO tracks committed date and reminds employees responsible for collection based on commitment BiCXO integrates the expectation in […]

Challenge Company lacked control over operations Deadlines were being missed, collections were becoming slack, profitability was reducing without known cause And ultimately the Cash flow issues were straining the working capital   How our Business Intelligence Solution helped BiCXO brought all of the Company’s information from ordering to execution to finance under one roof Deep […]