What is business intelligence all about?

In simple words, Business Intelligence is about converting the business’ historical data in numbers into more useful information for decision making and building on strategies. “The goal is to turn ...
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What is the best Bi tool for a start-up?

The answer to this question is not very straight-forward. There are many tools in the market, with varied features. The key consideration while deciding the BI tool (or, for that ...
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How businesses can shed weight?

At a personal level, we all worry about excess weight and try various good weight loss programs. And there are good dieticians and smart watches who together help you understand ...
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The new normal for manufacturing in India.

These are difficult times for everyone but especially for those who earn their living depending on their businesses which are running low on fumes these days. Those business owners in ...
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Issues faced with self-service Bi tools?

In the present era, having right information at the right time is a key to run a successful business & drive its growth. However, this is the precise challenge many ...
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