At a personal level, we all worry about excess weight and try various good weight loss programs. And there are good dieticians and smart watches who together help you understand your current physical health, assist you to set your goals and continuously provide monitoring checks to help you understand how you are going towards your goals.

How about organisations having a similar solution for shedding their excess weight? Especially in these difficult times. A combination of consulting and technology solution is the need of the hour.

“Learning new systems and processes is not mandatory…but neither is staying in business”
– Bobby Darnell

By shedding weight, we mean to make the organization lean & efficient. The principle here is to ‘Do More with Less’. This will help in cost reduction & increasing productivity, ultimately leading to higher profits to steer organizations growth.

The Million Dollar question here is – How can this be achieved?

The way to go forward in this situation is to take a step back, analyse & acknowledge the difficulties faced by the organisation, its problem areas and come up with practical solutions.

The important steps in the self-analysis of the organisation should include the following:

  1. To be aware of where you are?
    • The organisations should be aware about its current standing asregards to its
      operational and financial strength. And also whether it is steering in the the right
      direction to achieve the ultimate goal.
    • Some indicators of key Points to be analysed include;
      • How satisfied are our customers?
      • How effective are our employees?
      • How is our sales penetration?
      • What is our speed of collections?
      • Are our lead times in line with industry best?
      • Why is there a delay in delivery?
  2. Next step is to understand what is happening?
    • The key question to answer here is where am I? Few examples are below:
    • Why are the customers dissatisfied?
      • Is it because of the prices or
      • Is it because of the quality
      • Is it because of the after sales service
    • Why are the steps taken for delay in delivery not working effectively?
    • Frequency of stock-out situations due to incorrect lead-time analysis
  3. To benefit from this exercise the next logical step is what should I do?
      • Get into an action plan mode
      • Find out & list down what you need to rectify & how are you proposing to do the same.
      • Monitor the above by creating metrics & milestones.
      • Effective way to execute this business overhaul is to create smaller goals and progressive goals and work towards achieving them
      • The most important part after execution is to track the metrics aggressively
      • This has to become a discipline which will be refined with iterations & experiences

    from the review & feedbacks along the way.

Doing these will help organisations make intelligent choices that both can propel the business forward, reduce fat and increase presence enabling them along a path to success .

“In the business world, there is no grey. Either you are black, or you are white-washed.”
– Sameer Kamat