Facing challenge in tracking & analyzing receivables & collections for better inflows?
Here’s how you can keep a track..!!!
Avoid scrambling for inflows for working capital requirements with receivables & collection analysis
as follows:
Insights through Receivables & Collection analysis dashboards:

  • Understand your outstanding dues through a combination of ageing, customer wise & product wise
  • Understand DSO (day sales outstanding), the critical metric of total outstanding in relation to sales
  • Total Collection during a particular period including weighted average Collection days with Median, Minimum and Max Collection days can be analysed to take strategic decisions on customer selection & pricing policy.
  • Analyse your Monthly and Customer-wise Collection during a period
  • Monthly and Customer-wise Weighted Average Collection days during a period
  • With the search option, you can look for a particular customer or even invoice no.
  • Custom filters can be added like Customer segments, Business Departments, Sales person,