Service companies are often in the dark when it comes to integrated reporting & monitoring mechanism as regards their projects & resources. Project management involves the juggling around of the people, resources, data, expectations—you name it. At any given point in time the project manager should be aware of where each project is? where is it going? And where it needs to be?

With tight schedule, strict budgets & huge investments at stake, this is easier said than done. The project manager’s need all that they can get to keep up with the pace. One of the best ways to mitigate the above problem is to have a project management dashboard, which is completely customized for his needs by understanding the business functions by functional & technological experts who understand the complexity & his plight.

Sample areas of project management dashboard – to include but not limited to:

  • For the Project based companies facing problem calculating the Project profitability can be shown here
  • Project status & resource utilisation can be reviewed by the management at a single integrated place
  • For the service industry, employee hours spent on different project can be consolidated at a single place to gauge efficiency & monitor effectively.
  • Employee efficiency and utilization can be measured and KPIs can be entered on the same depending on the Employee category.
  • Project wise profitability is also included in this dashboard