The answer to this question is not very straight-forward. There are many tools in the market, with varied features. The key consideration while deciding the BI tool (or, for that matter, any enabling tool) is “What is it that we want to do it for us? Or what are we going to do with it?” It is often at this juncture that many businesses falter – thinking that a good tool would solve all the problems.

What is important is to first decide:

  • What should be monitored for the specific peculiarity of the business.
  • With what frequency
  • The data points needed v/s available

It is only after this understanding that anyone can decide what tool works best. As one can notice, the answers to these questions are not simple and need lot of deliberation before arriving at a finite road map. Furthermore, it is not a case, especially in the evolving world that we live in, that the underlying business situation remains constant. The changing circumstances of business need to be constantly factored into the Business Intelligence framework on a real time basis to reap the rewards therefrom.

Keeping these aspects in mind, handling the BI needs of the organization should be looked wholly from a continuing business solution perspective, rather than just a technological solution. With the arrival of Assisted BI Solutions like BICXO the organizations can easily overcome the above challenges & thereby implement a robust BI solution in the organization with the help of the techno-functional expertise offered as part of the package. Thus, it is apparent that organizations need to thoroughly formulate a BI strategy, evaluate all options & having done the cost-benefit analysis, take the decision to choose between various Self- service BI tools or Assisted BI solution like BiCXO, to get the most out Business Intelligence to steer their business to greater heights with data driven insights for better decisions making.